The Top 5 Nicotine Salt Devices in Fort Collins

As of 2020 JUUL pods and several other pre-filled nicotine products have become increasingly hard to find in Northern Colorado. JUUL has at this time halted sales of all flavors except for tobacco and menthol. JUUL is an exceptional device, but for many users having a limited flavor, selection detracts from the experience. Many consumers are making the switch to refillable pod systems which allow for a great array of flavor selection.

The staff at Colorado Vapors have compiled a list of what they believe are the top 5 salt nicotine devices in Fort Collins. Did you not see your device on the list? Be sure to comment below what you feel belongs in the top 5 salt nicotine devices in Fort Collins.

#5. Aspire PockeX

The PockeX from Aspire Vape Co. is one of our longest sold devices. The PockeX is considered an AIO (All In One) kit and comes with a battery, tank, and two coils. This pen has the option to run both sub-ohm and salt nicotine depending on the coil used. Great battery life and reliability make this excellent for newcomers to vaping. Although not known for its salt-nicotine capability, it still provides a smooth draw and great flavor with any e-liquid. Available in black, blue, stainless steel, white, rainbow, and rose gold.

Aspire Pockex

#4. Orion Q

The Orion Q features an iconic top airflow control and e-liquid fill port. This design was one of the first on the market to create a profile reminiscent of a Zippo lighter. The Orion Q has a completely leak-proof design that prevents e-liquid from escaping its large chamber. A powerful chipset onboard enables great flavor and a smooth draw. Our staff notes that the pod for this device has great durability and lasted on average 1-2 weeks before needing to be changed.

Orion Q

#3. Aspire Tigon

Often considered to be the big brother of the Aspire PockeX, the Tigon features several notable upgrades. The battery on the Tigon has been upgraded from a 1600mAh to 2600mAh for sustained all-day use. The tigon tank features a unique self-sealing mechanism that makes coil changes quick and mess-free. With two coil options, this device can use either sub-ohm or salt nicotine e-liquids.

Aspire Tigon

#2. SMOK Nord

As one of SMOK's flagship devices, it's no surprise that Fort Collin's loves the Nord kit. The Nord features a large 1100mAh battery for hours of sustained vaping. The Nord utilizes several different coils to better suit user preference. Unlike the #1 nicotine salt device in Fort Collins, the Nord features a physical fire futton located on its faceplate. SMOK has committed to releasing new colors for the Nord on a regular basis, so be sure to check-in for the latest designs.


#1. SMOK Novo II

The Novo was released in the same time frame as the JUUL and quickly became a great alternative. With a very small profile, the Novo II satisfies the need for discretion that many salt-nicotine users desire. In addition, the battery has been upgraded from the original Novo to provide all-day use. SMOK offers several different pod options that help customize the experience for the user. The Novo II does not have any physical controls and relies on an auto draw to trigger vapor production. The sensor that controls this has been revised from the original Novo and is significantly more reliable. The Novo II can handle both sub-ohm and salt nicotine e-liquid but is primarily designed for salts. If you are looking for a device to replace the JUUL, the Novo II is an excellent option.

Novo II

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